Bamboo Dragon is an online collection of cultural products, handicrafts, ceramics especially the particular tea products and tea wares that  were collected directly from the artisans and collectors. We specialize in high-end products and traditions from Vietnam, China, Japan and furniture and handicrafts of other Asian ingenuity. They are shipped directly from Asia to our customers all over the world.

By connecting directly with designers, artists, artisans, hobbyists we bring you products with timeless value and truly unique. We try to do it with the most competitive prices.

Moreover, Bamboo Dragon is a new joint collaboration of craftspeople from Vietnam that applies traditional crafts to create novel designs for the international market. Bamboo Dragon offers a playful approach and is driven by a bold ambition to explore new design typologies and introduce the world to the tactile pleasure, poetry and soul of Vietnam design. This could be a reliable place for oversea foreigners as well as visitors to Vietnam who can find some Made in Vietnam gifts with high quality.

Each product from the collection are selected and evaluated carefully, it is something we believe that Bamboo Dragon’s products selected are worthy of your attention. Please become a member of Bamboo Dragon and discover new things every day.

In addition to a unique product, quality and value you’ll find the stories behind the products on our blog, and links to interesting stories, videos, and from there can touch your heart.

Our commitment for customers

If we have the opportunity to work together, we will provide you with the professional service, fast, worthy of your money and effort spent on product selection. And in any case there was anything that you are not satisfied, we will solve very quickly and may be free for you. We want you to be happy with the service you receive, and will do whatever it can to ensure that.